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Scholarships for Chuukese Students

Funding our college education can be  a real challenge for most families let alone our Chuukese families. Finding scholarships out there can be a taunting task. CRM provides this partial list of available scholarships and links to their websites as a resource for Chuukese students pursuing various undergraduate and graduate-level degrees.  Are there others that we need to add to this list? Continue reading


Hospitality: Chuuk’s Gift to Xavier and Micronesia

Xavier sponsor families

Chuukese sponsor families bidding farewell to Xavier graduates.

Bill Jaynes’ article in the March 6th issue of Kaselelhie Press (“Xavier, just one of the bits of good news in Chuuk”) does a good job focusing on the positive contributions of the school’s administration, students, and teachers to the local communities in Chuuk. I might just add  an even more inspiring and often neglected part of the Xavier history, i.e. the incredible selfless generosity of the Chuukese families who serve as sponsors for the non-Chuukese female students who’ve attended Xavier since it became co-ed in the 70’s. Continue reading

China Offers Scholarships for FSM Students

Press Release #0309-02 – Palikir, Pohnpei – FSM Information Services via FSM Embassy in Beijing March 2, 2009 –  The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is now offering scholarships for students from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to attend universities in China. The scholarship scheme is extended to the FSM to promote cooperation and exchange in the fields of education and culture between China and the FSM. Continue reading

Operation Hailstones: Was Chuuk liberated or dominated?

Today, February 17th marks the anniversary of Operation Hailstone. This day in 1944 the United States began its naval air, surface, and submarine attack on Chuuk against the Japanese occupation. Today, we should pause to honor our people who died in that war between Japan and the U.S. in which Chuuk was victimized. And then we should reflect on how Operation Hailstones fit into our own history as a people. Was the war over Chuuk to liberate our people from the Japanese forces or to expand American superiority and domination? Continue reading

CPR for Chuuk Public Schools

Fr. Arthur Leger, SJ, writes an incredibly thought-provoking article on an important initiative he undertook while serving as Director of Xavier High School. The Fijian-born Chuukese educator who received his doctoral degree in leadership from Gonzaga University has an unrelentless desire to help Chuuk when he served as director of Xavier High School. It’s unfortunate he wasn’t tapped to replace the long list of incompetent politically-appointed leadership that has plagued the run-down and rusty buildings up in Nantaku. Read “CPR for Chuuk Public Schools” on MicSem.

Met mefiom?

Qualities of a good Chuukese teacher…

Teachers, I believe, are the foundation of a society because they affect, form, enlighten, and challenge minds of future leaders. Therefore, the demand for excellence in the teaching profession must become the MOST important responsibility of the society. Parents must demand excellence. Politicians must allocate resources. Teachers must be the best trained professionals in the community. Schools must become the center of the community’s consciousness. Everything must revolve around the education of a child. Anything less is inexcusable and unethical. What then should be the qualities that we in Chuuk must look for in a good teacher? Who was that teacher for you? Continue reading

What Are Chuuk’s Priorities?

Santa Claus delivered my Christmas present early this year. It came in the form of my much anticipated copy of Micsem’s Micronesian Counselor. And what a most timely delivery to kick start the new year.  In the article entitled, “What Are Our Priorities?” my long-time inspiration and prolific Fr. Fran “Watch the Elbow, Hoopster” Hezel, SJ identified some of what he considers as top priorities for Micronesia. I was more than overjoyed to read that he had included some of the same priorities that I had already made part of the Chuuk Reform Agenda; namely, education, health,  outer islands, economic development, etc. Of course, Fran’s analysis of these priorities are much more clearly articulated. I think Chuuk’s priorities are right on mark, in my opinion, with those that Fran has articulated for Micronesia.  What do you think?

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